iboxxit for your business

If your business is helping people to make room for a better life, you have come to the right place here at iboxxit. We offer value added partnerships where you can purchase discounted volume licenses for your customers, helping you to add value for your customers, make it easier for you to win new customers and boost customer loyalty. Other companies and organizations use iboxxit successfully as simple inventory solution.

Typical value added partners

such as moving companies, storage companies, self-storage companies, file and document archives, brokers of storage space

Advantages for your customers

  • Decrease inhibition to store things off-site – all belongings inventoried with iboxxit are no longer “out of sight, out of mind” but can be found and accessed easily and at any time
  • Your customers do not need to come so often because they always know exactly has been stored – an onerous on-site search is no longer necessary
  • With our mobile app, all things can be rapidly inventoried – at the same time you can offer new premium services to your customers (such as inventory service, storage reports, packing lists, delivery service for individual Items or Boxxes instead having to pick them up)
  • Position your business with a new solution as innovation leader, also in light of the competition with start-ups and new online business models

Typical own account user

such as sport clubs, associations, churches as well as companies of every size needing a simple inventory solution, heritage administrators and executors of wills, museums and art galleries

Advantages for companies, clubs and non-profit organizations

  • iboxxit is very easy to use and cost-efficient while offering the core functionality for a visual inventory without a huge effort for recording the data
  • Everything can be stored away neatly but still the whole team can make use of the things, which have been expensively acquired
  • Triple cost saving: rapid inventory, no expensive work time needed for inefficient search and no expensive double acquisitions
  • Things used at multiple locations can be centrally stored; expensive items (e.g. special tools, sports equipment, material for fairs and sales booths, PR material, art and seasonal decoration) must only be purchased once by organizations with multiple branches

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