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Tidying and storing – clever and fully connected

Do you also have stored valuable things in your basement, garage, closet or attic, which you only need once in a while and often do not know exactly where they are?

Our app and cloud based storage system allows you to keep track of all your belongings at numerous locations. Access everything easily and swiftly.

You can also share your things with friends and family so that they can also see what you have stored. Thus not everyone needs to buy that expensive tool or ultra-light trekking tent but can get in touch to borrow the same.

This can all be achieved with a few clicks – we call this “connected storage”.

Free app for visual
inventory and
item management
Use any type of storage
box or container at
numerous locations
Print labels with QR codes
and storage details in
custom colors

Take a fresh look at how good or bad
you store your things.

Imagine how you can
better organize your things
and always know where they are

Start now! Take pictures
of your things and store
them in neat boxxes

Use iboxxit labels for identification
and “x-raying” of boxx contents

Access all your things everywhere
and share them with your friends